2- What is this blog?

First and foremost, I’d like this site to be come a conversation about theological musings and matters of spirituality in relation to Deaf cultures.

In my role as Associate Professor of Religion at Gallaudet University and a Deaf practical theologian, I often come across people who ask important questions about matters of religion and theology.  In conversation with these folks, who range from fellow PhDs to first year freshmen and prospective students, there seems to be a desire to talk about religion, and spirituality in a way that engages the critical thinking of academic discourse without sacrificing the heartfelt realities that lead us to consider questions about our religious and secular values.

While my own training and personal background is in Christian theology, I’m also deeply interested and involved in inter-religious and secular dialogue and engagement.  So, there will be posts that attempt to engage in specifically Christian topics of theology, belief, and practice but there will also be posts that seek to widen that discussion.  This project is a vital one for any faith tradition as we live in a world of pluriform thought and values.  No tradition can afford to ignore that we must engage with one another in both word and action in order to truly understand and live with one another.

So it’s my hope that this blog can become a place where ideas can be presented for discussion.  Comments can be a dialogue of sorts.  And the various individuals I meet can collaborate in discussing the things on their minds that being them to ask me the interesting things they ask.

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